3 reasons why visitors are abandoning your website and how to fix it.

People’s attention spans are short and you don’t have much time to create a good impression. On top of that is the part that Google plays and what effect that has on your site’s ability to rank.

Most issues stem from a very dated website. Things have changed tremendously in the last few years and if you’re not up to date, you’re being penalised…not only by Google but by your visitors. If you don’t have a favourable user experience, they’re dumping you.

Firstly, is your website secure?

Nobody wants to visit an unsecure site these days. Not only that, modern web browsers will display a warning and may not even allow visitors onto your site! What now??? For more information check out my article HERE.

Secondly, is your site mobile friendly? Let’s face it. we use our phones a lot. Somewhere between 40-60% of web searches are done on a mobile phone. If you site doesn’t display properly, you’re finished. They just move on to somebody else.

Thirdly, a dated website is a turn off. There is no wow factor. You don’t even need a wow factor but it’s nice to have. You just need to look current and professional. Imagine what your potential client thinks of you when they land on your ten year old web site. “Gee…this guy is in the dark ages. What’s going on? I wonder what his business is like?”.

Imagine if you combine all three! What do you think are the consequences? The reason I mention this is because I came across a website like that this morning. It hit the Trifecta! It couldn’t get any worse.

I would urge you to do a quick check of your website now. Ask a few friends to have a look and get their opinions as well. Is the site secure, how does it display and does it look modern? If you find any issues, feel free to get in touch.

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