Why Just Do It is a bad idea.

Its probably the best slogan of our time, so I had to use it. It’s synonymous with Nike and often repeated but is “just do it” realistic?

You’re starting a new business and you’ve decided that you’d better get a website up and running quick. You spoken with your marketing team…your best mate down the pub and he’s given you the good advice. You’ve trolled Facebook and watched hundreds of YouTube videos. You’ve looked at lots of websites and know exactly what you want, only better.

First step, you try and create or steal a logo somewhere. Yep. Got the branding done! Then your you start building your website. Your local butcher recommends Godaddy cause he’s a whizz at these things. Anyone can build one of these website things. That’s what they tell me. Even a kid could do it. How hard could it be?

Next, your girlfriend buys a cracking new domain name for you from Google and you’re all set. Website’s almost done! And then….


Geez…what now? You just did it but didn’t get very far. Ok…let’s get one of those Shopify or WordPress sites. That should fix it. You start building. You start playing and things aren’t quite as straight forward as you thought. Why is this so hard? I thought this was meant to be a breeze! After weeks of trial and error, you’ve got something up. Oops. Something went wrong.

Uh oh. I think my site’s broken. I know. I’ll get an expert to fix it on Fivvrrrrr. Should only cost about $20!

Now all this sounds crazy but it actually happens every day. Its a bit like people demolishing half their house after watching these reno shows or the home “mechanic” whose car never goes again after he decides to work on it. Would you consult your lawyer for medical advice? Do you call a plumber to do your electrical?

Every industry has its expertise. People actually study or work in that field for many years and develop skills and expertise to do the job correctly. Its foolish to think that you’ll be a pro after a couple of hours on Google. There are cheap website suppliers and they’re cheap for a reason. Like always, you get what you pay for.

That bargain could cost you a fortune. Not only that, the expert you engage may have to unravel the mess you’ve created which costs you more. Don’t just do it. Think first. Work out what it is that you want to achieve. Consult an expert. An expert will actually consult with you and want to find out your goals and then advise on a course of action. A professional will not just try and sell you stuff. They will guide you and work towards your goal.

Got a project in mind?

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