Is your website security up to date?

If your website is not secured, you could be scaring your customers away. You see, a few years ago, Google recommended that all websites upgrade to a HTTPS protocol…secure site. Gradually, we all upgraded and installed SSL certificates on our websites.

Perhaps you have an older site or no one has done any maintenance for a while, then you may be at risk. If your website displays an error like one of those in the picture, then it needs to be looked at. These warnings will be triggered by your browser when you land on an unsecured site. Hopefully that does not happen to you! If it does, you need to figure out what is causing the issue.

Basically, this message is due to a missing or expired SSL certificate, or there could be an unsecured element on the page. If the message appears due to an HTTP connection (non-SSL secured), then you will need to get an SSL certificate installed on your web server through Certification Authorities. If the warning comes from an unsecured element (coming from an HTTP source), replace the element / source with one coming from an HTTPS connection. All connections on the page must come from a secure source to avoid this warning.

Warnings from elements are usually from something installed externally and/or linked to your page, eg, video, a form, widgets or a source of old code. The good news is, that it’s all fixable. Once you get that sorted, your website should display a padlock, noting that it is secure.

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