Why you should grow your business organically

Why carrots? Carrots are good for you and so is organic growth.

Fact is, you need to advertise…but advertising eats money! Yep. So the best solution is old fashioned but it does work and works well. Remember when people just opened up their business and word of mouth was their only channel for getting customers?

Today, in this high tech world we tend to forget people. Its actually people who are your business. Nurture them. Build relationships. Build a clientele. Build a list. Build an audience. Be the go to man or woman.

If your business relies totally on ads, what happens when your ad platform changes the rules or the cost becomes prohibitive? When you stop paying for ads, the business stops. Also, usually the quality of lead is not as good as an organic one or one that you’ve nurtured.

So, what do you do?

Work on your marketing. Be the go to person in your field. If you get a direct enquiry via your website or phone, chances are that this will be a higher quality lead. If you get a referral, this is a very warm lead. If you get a repeat customer, this is gold.

Be social, create good relevant content and try and be of assistance. Don’t just pitch or sell. There is a time for that. Develop relationships. Solve problems. Build a good reputation. It takes time but its worth it.

At the end of the day, a good name is all you have

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