Top 20 Resolutions you can actually keep. Happy New Year!

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? Is it the same as last year….lose weight, get fit, eat better, make more money, etc? Lets face it. Not many of these ever happen. Here’s a quick list of ones you can keep!

  1. Get outside! I think after COVID and all the lock downs, this is definitely a must do.
  2. Try something new each month.
  3. Get up on time or even earlier. Yep, stop turning off the alarm.
  4. Grow your own…vegies, salads, herbs, anything you can eat.
  5. Keep your car clean. For heaven’s sake, take the rubbish with you when you leave.
  6. Make time for friends and family. Another post COVID essential.
  7. Promise to say something nice to people. Use your manners. Compliment.
  8. Drink water. Yes, replace those unhealthy drinks with water and flush your system.
  9. Support your local businesses. They’ve done it tough.
  10. Stop buying doodads and useless things.
  11. In the same vein….stop supporting fast fashion. It’s so detrimental on so many levels.
  12. Write a letter. Yes, you will have to go to the post office and get a stamp.
  13. Take up a new hobby or interest.
  14. Kill the credit card debt! 18% interest…geeez.
  15. Stop watching mainstream media. It’s always bad news and BS.
  16. Go for a bush walk or if that’s too far, find a park.
  17. Take a road trip. Yep…another post lockdown must do.
  18. Talk to your neighbours. They may actually be human.
  19. Put away your clothes. Put them where they should actually be!
  20. Read more or start reading if you don’t. You might like it or learn something.

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