The number one purpose of advertising is…

So, the million dollar question is…why do we advertise?

To make money…to sell stuff…to get your name out there…promote…branding…create offers…have specials…
Yes! They are all correct. But they are not the real reason or the reason behind the reason. After this, you will never look at advertising in the same way, ever again.

The number one reason of why you advertise is to get people to visit your business.

That visit or contact may be

  • in person to your store
  • via the phone (your goal is then to sell, or make an appointment)
  • via your website/online store/landing page to take the next step

If you have achieved that, then your advertising has been successful. What happens after that is part of your sales process and what happened before that is marketing. If it hasn’t done that, your advertising campaign has been a failure. It is that simple.

The next question is…did the campaign provide value or ROI?
But that is for another day.

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