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Hello and welcome to Explosive Marketing! If you need help...you’ve come to the right place. Did you know that most businesses can significantly increase their profits by making a few key adjustments? Simply implementing one or two proven strategies can bring dynamic results. Explosive Marketing is full service, “results orientated” marketing company. Sometimes we call this performance based marketing. What does that mean? Let me explain... When most people think of marketing, they think of advertising such as Yellow Pages, TV, radio, newspapers,etc. While this is a part of marketing, it is only perhaps only 10% of the marketing equation. If this is correct, imagine how much is missing from your business strategy. It’s like driving a car that fires on one cylinder instead of eight! Most people have a hit and miss strategy to marketing or no strategy at all. They watch what everyone else is doing and copy. The really adventurous may hire a web designer or graphic artist for their marketing needs. They might get a great website but they know little about marketing. Perhaps they might do a print media run or a radio spot. How did it go? No one really knows. Or they might hire an advertising agency or PR firm who then sell them a very expensive advertising or “branding” campaign. When it produces little or no results, what do they say? You need to spend more money! Sound familiar?!! Typically, a business owner calls in a consultant to get some clear direction or advice. Since most business consultants are managerial or accounting based that tends to be the direction of advice. The other interesting thing I’ve noticed is that after leaving you with a massive pile of information that you have to digest AND a hefty bill... YOU then have the responsibility of actioning it. Geez...talk about overwhelm! So what’s different here? We IMPLEMENT or work beside you to help you do it. We use PROVEN SYSTEMS AND STRATEGIES (take note of those two words) that get MEASURABLE RESULTS. In many cases you can even put your wallet away! Nearly everyone has some sort of marketing budget. After a thorough and professional assessment of your business, we can  target key areas that we leverage for optimal results. Quite often we can transfer money from activities that are producing no results into areas that will produce results. This way you can grow your business without spending more on advertising! There’s no risk to you. Unlike some other agencies, if we can’t work out a way to produce a result for you, there’s no charge. If you’re interested in moving your business forward, click on that “consultation” button up top and book a spot. Take action today or miss out! Wishing you great success! Joe Jutrisa P.S. Realistically...to get the best results, we can only work with a limited number of people... so book now to reserve your place (before your competitor does!)  :-) marketing consultant satifaction guaranteed Joe Jutrisa Marketing Consultant Joe Jutrisa
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